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Part Time Quality Management Retainer Service

Are you Struggling with the on-going maintenance of your quality management system?

Do you wish that the general maintenance and auditing of your quality management system could be taken care of for you easily and cost-effectively?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then it is time to use your initiative...

Coupled with extensive consultancy and assessment experience, a user-friendly and common sense approach, Initiative can assist your business to successfully maintain your 3rd party registration. Furthermore, we will develop your management systems to enhance your overall business performance.

This unique quality management retainer service has been designed to meet the needs of a small to medium sized business that cannot financially or physically justify the need for a full-time quality manager.

We will effectively become an extension to your management team and will tailor a part-time support package to suit your business needs.

The service includes:

  • Independent quality system auditing by IRCA registered lead QMS auditors.
  • Manual updates and reviews.
  • 2nd Party supplier quality assurance audits and evaluation.
  • Management review and reporting on QMS/business objectives performance.
  • 3rd Party certification audit preparation and management.
  • Standards updating service.
  • Quality awareness briefings.
  • Internal auditor team training.
  • On-going quality management advice.